Idle Time

By April 22, 2024Blog Posts

Let’s talk about idling!

Idling your truck has zero significance for you or the company, except burn money. I want to say a huge thank you to Ken Hawes who drives flatbed for Stew and had an idle time 0f 2.33%    Folks, that is an awesome number. He also worked more hours than most other employees. Ken is NOT our problem.

To point out our problem. We had a couple drivers over 70% and several over 50%. That is simple unacceptable. That is just wearing out our equipment and burning money. To put it into perspective, if you have a 70% idle time, that means that from the time you went “on-duty” to the time you went “off-duty,” that truck idles 70% of the time not moving.  We need to change your habits.

Just in the month of March, FVM trucks averaged a total of 27.06% of idle time. Meaning 1/4 of the entire time trucks were stopped and not moving, the truck was running. FVM idled 3127.05 hours in one month. Trucks burn roughly 0.8 gallons/hour. Meaning 2501.64 gallons were burned in idle time. What does that equate to?? Approximately $7,827.13 was spent on trucks NOT moving. If this were to continue for the year…….that’s almost $95,000.00 spent on fuel. That’s a lot.

Please look for our upcoming low idle contest.