By September 1, 2020Blog Posts

One of each of you driver’s duties is to pre-trip your truck. I should not have to remind an experienced driver the importance of this duty.

Even if you drive the same truck every day, you have NO idea if the shop changed your oil overnight and left you four gallons low on oil. Or they drained half your water out to fix a leak you didn’t know about.

You have NO idea if you developed a pin hole in a cylinder liner and your water all leaked into your oil pan over night.

Do you realize how lazy you look when you get to the first landing in am and you have a trailer flat because you didn’t thump your tires before leaving?

This is a standard part of your job and you must do it. That one time you don’t may be the time that cost the company $25,000 to rebuild your engine and you to drive # 34 for 2 weeks while they do.

Troy Hutchens