Important Notice

By July 22, 2020Blog Posts

As many of you have heard, Shelley, after 18 years of great service to the company, has decided it’s time to get out of Oregon. She has given us her notice and we must move on. I know, just when you were getting her trained. That’s what I thought too!

We will be splitting her job into a few spots. Most important for all of you is, who is going to do the log truck dispatching?

I am going to pass this task onto Ryan Hutchens. Stew will back him up.  Ryan grew up watching me do the log truck dispatching thing. He is used to it and will fit right in. He knows most of you, and has worked for the Martin Companies since he was 14 years old.  He started mowing lawns, and has worked his way through the shop greasing trucks and changing parts. Next, he took on office work at AFI working his way up to managing the accounting department for AFI and Martin Transportation Co. For the last two years was promoted to the Executive Assistant, helping me with the difficult decisions for all three companies.  He works the political side of things for us and has replaced me on the board of directors for the Oregon Trucking Association.

Ryan will be starting to dispatch right away with Shelley.  Ryan’s number is 541-301-1862. Please put that number in your phone right away! I will be overseeing this transition.  We will let you know soon when to start calling Ryan instead of Shelley.

I would suggest over the next 2 weeks you all come into the office and introduce yourself if you do not already know him. Please remember they are working with a lot to get done in a short amount of time.