By June 25, 2021Blog Posts

As you can see, in the yard our three new trucks have shown up. Those will go into the Weed to Dillard fleet to run two shifts of veneer. This will make #95 and #96 available to become log trucks. This along with Nick Berryhill leaving the company will produce 3 very nice trucks to bid on. #105 will be among them.

As I’ve told you in the past. I am trying to build a company you all can be proud to call your career center. We need more drivers and the best way I can gather them is to have you brag about your job in the public forum. CB talk and social media likes and good discussions are the wave we are going thru these days.

I want to get more newer trucks so you all can drive them. I just need them all running to pay for them. I know your tired of me saying it but YOU PEOPLE really make a difference in our hiring.

Please do what you can to help. I’ll do what I can to keep my word.