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To whom it may concern!

Although we have addressed the subject of always being prepared for an Inspection, it seems appropriate that we revisit this subject. This week we had a driver roll into a scale with a blown tire.

A couple of things to clarify. The driver did not show any breaks FOR LOAD CHECKS, ETC, AND DROVE APPROXIMATELY 3 HRS FROM THE LANDING TO THE SCALE?

Yes, stuff can happen, but as professional drivers, we count on you to let us know when you find an issue. Write it up to get fixed before you go out again.

When you’re out on the road, you should be expecting you will be targeted soon for an inspection.

If you know a scale is open, try and stop somewhere so you can check your load, tires, lights, and know where your cab book and E roads booklets are, MAKE SURE YOU LOG IT!!

When you contact the shop regarding a tire, have the following ready to share;

Tire Size…axle position (trailer, drivers, steer)  inside /outside; Type of wheel (aluminum or steel, hub pilot or ball seat). Ball seat wheel has both an inner and an outer lug nut (the inside lug nut has a square head) while a hub pilot only has an outer lug nut (the center is round)

Be sure to give your location- and call back number.

If you don’t have cell service, but your e roads is communicating- you can use the message feature to tell us what you need.

Let’s pay attention and be the PRO !