By April 27, 2022Blog Posts

Insurance open enrollment is May 6th 2022 from 10:30am-3pm with our insurance reps. This is your opportunity to change your plan you are currently enrolled in, add coverage if you opted out previously or drop coverage if you are currently enrolled. You can also add or remove dependents at this time. We are sticking with Aetna for medical, Principal for dental and vision as well as Willamette for dental as a second option. We have modified the “buy up plan” that is the $3000 deductible with Aetna so please come by and see what the changes are. RATES HAVE GONE UP! Your premium will change, so please be aware that the amount pulled from your check will not be the same as it was for the previous enrollment. EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO FILL OUT FORMS, EVEN IF YOU ARE WAIVING COVERAGE! If you can’t make it in during the hours that our insurance reps are here in the drivers room, we will have a video on our website explaining all of our plans in detail. You can also come in and ask Heather or Ryan questions that you might have.