Insurance Update

By April 10, 2023Blog Posts

Other than filling our trucks with good quality drivers. My biggest concern as an owner is our ability to afford good quality insurance.

It is so important to get and maintain good insurance. I recently sent Ryan and Heather to Boise Idaho. We were invited by Great West Casualty Company to an annual meeting they put on for top operators in the trucking field to sit down together. Roll up their sleeves and discuss ways to reduce cost and also make our fleets safer. My wife and I attended these for years.

Not only does it teach Ryan and Heather a few things. It shows GWCC that the company cares and wants to be their best customer.

I don’t want to jinx us but, so far, we are off to a good year. We wrecked number 82. I made the decision to eat the cost of that truck so the insurance did not get involved. That sure as Hell doesn’t help our bottom line but I think I will save over time in insurance cost.

Please continue to do what you can to show them we can have a great year. Let’s go Quarter by Quarter. Then we can go Year by Year. Set a goal for yourself. Come to work each day with the goal to be safe and no accidents or injuries. If you each get through your day. Everyday. They will all add up.