Is your paperwork correct?

By February 21, 2019Blog Posts

As we gather the paperwork from the previous day(s), we, as an office staff, continually have to organize the “mess.”  Even though, we have put an example DIRECTLY in front of where you turn in your paperwork, not everyone is turning their paperwork in properly. For example, just this morning there were 2 DVIR papers in the incorrect box. You will not be able to get your truck fixed unless the shop is notified. Please turn those into the DVIR box, NOT the paperwork box. Secondly, our paperwork is called a “DAILY” time sheet, not a “Weekly/Monthly” time sheet. Please make sure to organize your BOLs and paperwork on days of delivery, and only 1 sheet per day. Then, follow the example picture on the wall to turn in your paperwork.

Please and Thank you!