January is ending, bringing us to February.

By January 31, 2017Blog Posts

With January coming to a close, this opens us up for more great opportunities coming in February. As many know, February is when many stand around and wait for a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil to determine if winter is going to stick around longer than wanted. Everyone hopes for an end to the cold weather. Not long after, many gather around the TV to watch “The Big Game”, even if your team is not playing. Some watch just for the funny commercials. A couple more days down the road is Valentines Day. A romantic day for some, a normal day for others. However you celebrate, if you do, enjoy your time with the significant other. Trying to avoid the massive crowds that will be EVERYWHERE? Try to celebrate a few days before or after. It isn’t the day we are celebrating, it is each other we are celebrating. The time goes by so fast, that February ends and we move right into March like February didn’t even happen. Lets hope for the best in February, maybe a little extra money, health changes for the best or exciting family milestones. Take it slow, February is only 28 days long. Stay happy, healthy and remember YOU decide how your February will turn out.