Joe Trucker vs. Pro Trucker.

By August 22, 2023Blog Posts

Back in the early 1980’s When I raced Motocross. We used to have a saying about different riders.  Joe Moto was the guy that would haul is bike out to the woods and meet up with buddies. Drink a couple beers and ride his bike for a few hours. Pro Moto was the guy that practiced sober during the week and then raced on Sunday. These guys were much faster by the way.

Working here and walking through the yard it brings these memories back to me only with truck drivers instead of bike riders.

You can hear a lot of guys using their loud exhaust brake in residential area or in town. Or even worse, while shifting.

You guessed it, this is Joe Trucker. A Pro Trucker knows his surroundings. Knows when it is best to be quiet and not even noticed. As hard as it is to drive truck these days, we need the general population to like us as best we can. Pissing them off by rattling their bedroom windows day or night does nothing to help the trucking industry.

Be a Pro Trucker not Joe Trucker.