Keeping our word.

By July 6, 2022Blog Posts

I always say, “We are trying our best to make the Martin companies the best transportation companies to work for in southern Oregon.” That is F.V. Martin Trucking Co. Martin Transportation Co and American Freight Inc. All three are really good companies.

To keep us up there as the best, in the last 18 months most all employees have had at least one raise. We have worked hard to better our insurance.  We have purchased 7-8 newer trucks and ordered 2 more new ones yet to receive. We gave $1,000 each to employees (around 100) for hazard pay for working through Covid 19. The management team is doing it’s best and trying really hard to make sure we are the best out there.

We ask in return for you to show up on time. Represent us well while working hard but safely. We ask you not to put us down in the public, but if you’re not happy, come talk to us. We ask you build us up and help get recruits to come fill up our empty trucks. The more we run the better we do. In return, the better the company does the better we can do for you.

Please help spread the good word.