By August 1, 2023Blog Posts

Please keep an eye out on your load securement devices. Make sure they are in proper working order before you start your trip. If you have wrappers, make sure the cables aren’t fraying and that they bend as needed. If you have straps please make sure they aren’t cut or damaged. Make sure you have a bar to tighten your devices as well. If you are in need of new straps or wrappers, please take the old ones to the shop and they can replace them. Also, make sure you secure your load after you leave where you got loaded and shortly down the road to make sure the load did not settle and your straps or wrappers are loose. It’s also a good idea to check your tires and securement devices when you stop to use the restroom or before you go into a scale. It is not a good look to go into a scale with loose straps or wrappers.