Loading Rules

By August 16, 2023Blog Posts

As many of you have received information about RFP loading procedures on Tuesday, we need to make sure that we are doing our job. If you see any of our employees not following these safety rules, please contact Stew in the office. WE all need to police ourselves and keep each other in check and compliance.

RFP Weed has a 10 foot rule while loading, meaning stay the heck away from the lift trucks while loading your trailer.

For curtain vans, they will load half way and then ask the drivers to come in and throw their straps, pull curtains, and then go back to their cab until finished loading.

If, we cannot follow these simple safety rules, RFP will make you sit in the cab of the truck while getting loaded. This has happened before, and it will add 30-60 minutes per truck for loading times. Home time is important, and we NEED to make sure we do our part to keep a good thing going.