Looking Ahead

By February 25, 2020Blog Posts

As most of you log haulers know, Hill Top logging went out of business last year. Hill Top was a very steady partner of ours for many years. Them leaving us hurt.

To make up for their absence this year, we have negotiated a deal with Hearst Corporation. We will provide them with several tucks starting the end of March or first part of April.

This, along with the deal we put together with Murphy, combined with or regular customers like Boise should keep us very busy.

Why tell you?  Because we WILL need your help. We can sell our company in meetings in person or on the phone but you guys must provide what we sell. We preach good safe service, with on time honest hard-working drivers. We tell everyone, we dispatch what we can deliver and be on time every day.

This is very exciting news for all of us. We need you to help bring on more gypos. Your talking out there in the environment will really help.

Shelley and I alone cannot do this. But working as a team, we can do anything.


Troy Hutchens