Man Does our vote count.

By November 10, 2022Blog Posts

Man Does our vote count.
I’m am not telling anyone how to vote or who to vote for. Everyone needs to vote for who best does a job for your family and situation.
Here is my point. In my opinion. You can’t drive through a city in our beautiful state and not see filth and homeless camps. Not one city feels safe anymore.
Kate Brown has been running Oregon for several years. She may not have done it but she was in charge. It looks as though Tina Kotek is going to win Governorship.
Miss Kotek is a carbon copy of Kate Brown. Don’t expect any changes. Christine Drazen was also running, promised to bring changes. Everyone says Portland makes all the election their way due to their population. But if you took Jackson county’s votes for Kotek and put them in Drazan’s column, she would have won. Our votes count. Maybe everyone wants 4 more years of the same. I know I don’t. It’s hard to watch the state I’ve loved and lived in 60 + years go to pot. But it looks as though Oregon voters don’t mind.