Memorial Day Weekend

By May 21, 2020Blog Posts

FV Martin management would like to remind all of our employees to travel safe this Memorial Day Weekend. Memorial Day weekend is one of the most dangerous times to travel. If you do travel, please remember some of these tips:

  1. Allow extra travel time.– It is more important to arrive at your destination safely, than to arrive at your desired time. Don’t push traffic lights and speed to make it to your destination early. Expect increased traffic and understand it may take longer to reach your destination on the holiday.
  2. Get out of your vehicle and stretch.– Moving your legs and walking every couple of hours will help you stay alert on the roads. We suggest even parking at a parking spot further away when you take a break, so you have to walk a little farther distance.
  3. Understand the times of highest risk.– The greatest risk is on Friday afternoon, as people are getting off work and are ready to enjoy the weekend. During these times, be prepared as the sun will be setting and travelers will be tired from the day’s labor. Be sure not to block the roadway with your visor, bring a snack as you will likely be hungry and that can also contribute to stress levels.