By May 22, 2018Blog Posts

How would you like to come to work, every day, and see some one has left everything in your truck in the wrong spot or just not put away correctly?

That’s what the office staff gets everyday to start their day. They go and get the paperwork out of the box. You know the one that has a picture of how the paperwork should look as you turn it in just above the slot you drop it in. And most paperwork does not look like the picture.

Please look at the picture. Make sure the info is folded or stacked in the correct order so when we sort it we do not have to fix ever drivers papers. Make sure you use one paperclip as shown. Where it is shown to use. Make sure we can see the truck number with out having to open it up. Just like in the picture. Please put all other papers behind the timecard. Like in the picture.

A little bit of help on your behalf will save us a lot of time.