Month of August from Doug

By September 14, 2017Blog Posts

August was a great month overall if you look at it from a safety standpoint, and September was shaping up pretty well also!

However, 9-13-17 was not a good day for avoiding Stationary Objects!

The Company had three (3) separate incidents, and all can be attributed to someone’s failure to think things through.

We had a truck scrape the bumper of a vehicle, with his trailer tire, that was stopped in traffic to allow us access to turn left onto Hwy 62 from Merry Lane;

An employee got back to the yard to find that his vehicle, that was parked up to the fence, had been hit at the license plate by someone else backing up! No note, I’m Sorry, or nothing????

An employee, that was unaware of the height of the bunk extensions on a log truck, damaged one of the shop doors while backing it in.

(Log truck drivers should lower the front extensions just to be certain of height clearances.)

We all have a lot of things on our minds, and frequently make poor choices, or omissions of common sense and propriety, but I was given a quote by one of our drivers that seems to fit everyone, including myself:

“The fastest thing a driver (person) needs to do is THINK”  [J De Bruler]

Let’s take things a little slower, and think a little faster, about what we’re doing, and the choices we make. Things will still get done, but they will get done with fewer mistakes, injuries, embarrassment, do overs, or the need to fix something.

Thank You