Move Over for Stopped Cars

By December 14, 2017Blog Posts


The Oregon Legislature has brought us a lot of new laws, and changes to old laws, that will affect the rules of the road. Some are effective now, others won’t take effect until the 2018. Regardless, it’s best to get ready for them now!

Beginning January 1, 2018, SB34 expands the “move over law” to include motor vehicles warning lights, hazard lights or “signs of distress.”

The expanded law covers any vehicle that is stopped and is displaying

  • warning lights (like emergency lights on a police car or tow truck)
  • hazard lights
  • a person indicating distress by using emergency flares or posting emergency signs

On a road with more than two lanes in each direction, you have to move over or slow down to 5 mph under the speed limit. It used to be that you could only choose to slow down if you couldn’t change lanes safely. It’s now your choice.


On a road with only one lane in each direction, you have to slow down to 5 mph under the speed limit.