New Laws effective Jan. 1st 2018 in Oregon

By January 3, 2018Blog Posts

Here is a brief outline of what new Laws/Regulations are taking effect immediately.



Oregon drivers will begin paying a slew of tax increases come January 1 as part of the Legislature’s $5.3 billion transportation funding plan. The statewide gas tax will increase 4 cents, to 34 cents. Car registration fees will increase $13 to $43 and title fees go up $16 to $93 for a regular title.


Oregon will join a handful of states that have increased the tobacco age to 21


Senate Bill 719 will allow Oregon judges to issue so-called “extreme risk protection orders” to take firearms away from people determined to pose an immediate threat to themselves or family members.


Oregon’s famous bottle bill, which allows people to turn in empty bottles to redeem a 10 cent deposit, will expand to apply to beverages beyond beer, water and soft drinks. Beginning in 2018, nearly all beverage bottles will require a deposit. That means bottles that contained coffee, tea, hard cider, fruit juice, coconut water, kombucha and other drinks can be redeemed for the deposit. Not included in the expansion are wine and distilled spirits, milk (dairy or plant based), infant formula and meal replacements.


A provision of House Bill 3391, known as the Reproductive Health Equity Act, will allow Oregon residents living in the country illegally to obtain a no-cost abortion at taxpayer expense. The bill also provides women access to other reproductive health care services with no out-of-pocket costs and will eventually require health insurance plans sold in Oregon to cover abortion. The Legislature passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act without a single Republican vote in favor.