New Year’s Eve Tips

By December 27, 2023Blog Posts

If you are celebrating New Years Eve away from your home or will be traveling at all, here are some ideas to keep you safe.

  • Plan your travel options ahead of time, arranging for a designated driver, a hotel stay, shuttle/limo service, public transportation and extra “Plan B” options before your night out.
  • Consider local Sober Ride programs and have their information handy for yourself or friends.
  • org provides a desktop and mobile site with options for how to get home safely.
  • Use public transportation or cabs both to and from your destination so you can avoid leaving your car in a strange place overnight.
  • If you must leave your car, park in a populated, well-lit area. Roll up windows, lock all doors and ensure all valuables are left at home or secured out of sight.
  • Bring only what you need with you – including identification, money and one credit card. Leave any department store cards or unneeded valuables at home.

New Years Day is also the most hazardous day of the year for pedestrians. Not only are drivers potentially impaired, but those on foot can also ignore traffic lights or crosswalks. If you are walking, make sure to stay on pedestrian paths and observe traffic laws; only cross at crosswalks and try to remain in well-lit areas. If you are driving, take extra care to consider those on foot.

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Happy New Years!