By February 6, 2024Blog Posts

We have been offered a couple of opportunities for F.V. Martin that I would like to pursue.

  • Running beams from Boise Cascade LVL yard to Woodinville Washington. I picked up this haul years ago and it helped build the flatbed division into what it is today. We have done several loads a week for over 20-25 years. We lost this haul to lesser competition for a bit and now we can have it back if we can find the drivers to do it. See Stew for more details.
  • We have been asked to provide several log trucks to Green Diamond running on the coast. Northern California and southern Oregon coast. I am looking to start slow with maybe 2-3 trucks. Could turn into more if we like it.

This type of opportunities are how companies grow. Remember if companies aren’t growing, they are dying.

If you have desire to hear more come see Stew or Ryan.