Opportunity to make more in a Log Truck

By May 20, 2024Blog Posts

Earn More: Learn Short Logging

At F V Martin, we’re offering an exciting opportunity to enhance your skills and boost your pay. By volunteering to learn short logging, you can earn an additional $1.00 per hour!

What is Short Logging?

Short logging involves driving a truck and trailer, rather than a tractor trailer. There are 2 bunks on the truck and 2 bunks on the trailer, allowing us to haul shorter logs

Benefits of Learning Short Logging

  1. Increase Your Earnings: Earn an extra $1.00 per hour, quickly adding up to a substantial boost in your paycheck.
  2. Enhance Your Skills: Become a more versatile and valuable employee with this new skill.
  3. Contribute to Success: Help improve company operations and profitability.

How to Get Started

  1. Express Interest: Contact Ryan to sign up.
  2. Training Schedule: Attend training sessions to learn the ins and outs of short logging.
  3. Start Earning More: Begin taking on short logging tasks and enjoy your pay increase.


“I prefer to short log, rather than long log. – Jacob, Driver

Don’t Miss Out!

Volunteering to learn short logging is a smart move for your career and your wallet. Contact Ryan to sign up today.

Boost your earnings and enhance your skills with short logging!