Oregon Paid Family Medical Leave

By September 7, 2023Blog Posts



This paycheck on 09/11/2023 is the start of the new Oregon law that requires we deduct 0.6% of your paycheck. Your check will be slightly smaller and there will be a deduction on your stub for it. We opted for private insurance, otherwise you would have been paying into this for the last 9 months. However, it is something we are required by law to take from you. It is your Oregon Paid Leave tax/premium. If you need more information, we have it posted in the office as well as our company website. If you think you are going to need to use the benefit provided by the state, please come see Heather or Cody in the office to get a form from Principle to submit for approval for a payout.


If you have any questions comments or concerns,  see your supervisor or call Heather at 541-840-9016. Thank you.