Out of Service- “Load Securement” 393.100A

By February 25, 2020Blog Posts

Recently one of our newer log truck drivers was reminded of the load securement rules for Log Trucks.

He received an “out of service” because one of the wing logs was more than 50% above the top of the stake!

This is something that should be caught at the landing. If your load is not right- ask the loader operator to please fix it! All he has to do is either twist the log so its OK or replace it with a log that will meet standards.

We ask that the senior drivers to please continue to coach and guide our new Log Truck drivers.

Learning all of the do’s and don’ts of driving a log truck takes time, experience and continual training.


You are in control of your truck and cargo

You are in charge to make certain all of your equipment is present and in good working order

You are the one that takes the responsibility and the heat for getting violations during inspections.

You are the one that has the greatest opportunity to get issues corrected.

You have a direct impact with the logger, mills, and the general public.

You establish the image for this company.

You are the “Professional”