By June 16, 2023Blog Posts

I know that sometimes it’s like beating a dead horse when supervisors and office personnel constantly hound the employees about paperwork. I understand that it may not be a strong attribute that you possess. But, let me explain why tidy and correct paperwork is a necessity:

1) Without proper documentation (signatures, origin, destination) WE CANNOT GET PAID!!

2) Without proper documentation, YOU CANNOT GET PAID!!

3) It annoys customers when we have to ask for extra copies, because the drivers cannot keep paperwork in order

4) Proper documentation streamlines the billing process with little or no cofussion

5) It’s just plain lazy to not have the correct BOL or paperwork filled out properly

You have plenty of time while loading or unloading to make sure you have all of the necessary information on your paperwork. Heck, it’s even DOT law to have the correct paperwork. If you are still unsure of what your paperwork should look like, please call your supervisor, or see us in the office to make sure you’re doing it correctly.