By February 13, 2024Blog Posts

We understand that when you write something up for the shop to fix, it may be a minor issue that you may only see. We would like all of you to understand that we run a fairly large fleet of trucks. That means, sometimes other trucks take priority over a non safety issue. For example, the shop may be in the middle of a rear end change to make sure our customers are satisfied with the truck count for the day. So, just a friendly reminder to keep writing up issues to be fixed in the DVIR until the problem is resolved. Also, there have been quite a few DVIR’s handed in with your paperwork. The shop will not have communication between you if you cannot place the DVIR’s in the correct slot.

Other things, you may be able to accomplish yourself while you’re waiting at a mill or landing. For example, curtain straps can easily be replaced while you’re doing a walk around or waiting to get loaded. If you pitch in just a little bit everyday, you and your truck will see less shop and down time.

Thank you all for your patience.