Performance Update

By April 29, 2020Blog Posts

First of all, I want to thank all of our employees for keeping our losses LOW!

People are not running into “stationary” or “moving” objects.

We have had a couple of mishaps since January, but only one is attributed to driver error.

Please keep “Driving like a PRO”

Pay attention, because you are likely the only one on the road that is!

Our Year to date losses are about $45 K, with $42 K of that when 86 caught fire in the yard.

This means a lot to the company as a whole, and if we can keep this up will save us a substantial amount when we renew our fleet insurance.

As you have seen, the company is not afraid to share our success with our employees, ie: the recent raise.

Remember “You are a PRO” Keep up the good work!