Plan with a Reason

By January 6, 2021Blog Posts

As you can tell while walking around the yard, we have purchased a couple new trucks and trailers. Both here at FV Martin Trucking, as well as one at Martin Transportation Co.

The purpose for these expenditures varies.  Multiple needs can be satisfied with these.

Of course, California and their air quality issues are a big part. But so are drivers concerns and comforts. You put those two together and it become a real need. We MUST meet California guidelines to run in their state. We also need nice equipment to get more drivers. We honestly do want everyone to think we are the best transportation company to work for in Southern Oregon.

Right now, trucking is good. We are busy and rates are good. We have 7 empty log trucks and a few highway trucks. If we could get those filled and make our customers happy, we could make enough money to replace some more of those older trucks.

Even if you are high on our seniority list, it would benefit you to help get more drivers to come on board, so we can get more newer trucks as most trucks are issued via a bidding process.