Please Note

By April 2, 2020Blog Posts

Once again, we got bit by the “We’ll be nice guy’s” bug.  A driver noticed that the logger had 4,000 lbs worth of logs left in landing.  The driver knowing he was only headed to Murphy White City, let the logger just throw them on. Upon arrival at Murphy they re-routed him to Keller Lumber Roseburg and his truck was 4,000 lbs over gross. They told the driver “we don’t want it. Take it to Roseburg”.

After I called the customer, took a 10-minute ass chewing, they took the load off at Murphy but they are not happy about it. It cost them money. Our job is to make sure the load is legal and safe. Not to do favors.

Please do your job. Safe and legal. If the logger tells you different, contact your dispatcher right away. Do not argue with the loader operator. Let us do the arguing.