By January 8, 2019Blog Posts

Take care of yourself and your truck. The Company is only a few points away from qualifying for TRUSTED CARRIER STATUS again. Please do your part to help us regain that status. It will make a big difference for every truck and driver in the fleet.

Take the time to make sure your truck is READY to GO for any conditions.

Check and pre-fit your tire chains- write up repairs and leave the chains on the catwalk

Keep an eye for cracks in the wheels

Look for air or fluid leaks, check brake lines and your brakes regularly

Check vital fluids daily

Dump the air from your air reservoir daily so it doesn’t ice up

If something is broke or wearing out- WRITE it UP- if its not getting fixed see your supervisor

Everyone’s truck has updated permits, make sure you know where your cab book is located;

Log trucks make certain you have the proper trailer registration in your cab book

Thank You