Please, Safety!

By August 2, 2018Blog Posts


  • Boise has a footwear policy that everyone is aware of.
    1. Steel or Composite toe footwear- This is mandatory
  • FV Martin has a Safety Footwear Policy = “Ankle supporting footwear”.
    1. When you are loading or unloading you must have your Safety Footwear ON!
    2. The company has arranged with several stores for you to get 10% or 15% off of your purchase of safety footwear. See Doug if you have questions.
  • Maintaining your lane of travel
    1. We have been getting reports of our trucks either riding too close to the center line, or traveling across it into the oncoming lane. This is an UNSAFE PRACTICE, and will not be tolerated. If you have trouble maintaining your lane SLOW DOWN.