Post Trips

By May 23, 2018Blog Posts

I cannot stress the importance of post trip inspections.  Get into a habit of doing a quick trip around your truck when at the fuel island or after you park your truck.  Turn on your four way flashers, marker lights, headlights, and load lights.  Then as you walk around your truck and thump your tires, you can also check your lights.  When thumping your tires, look for loose or missing lug nuts and cracks in your wheels.  This simple walk around inspection will take less than 5 minutes, and i see quite a few drivers doing it while the truck is fueling.

The advantage of doing a post trip inspection is to find and write up anything that may prevent you from leaving at your dispatched time.  I am always amazed of how many headlights are changed before the truck leaves the yard in the morning.  I would be willing to bet that the driver that finds a bad headlight in the morning before starting his shift is the driver that does not complete a post trip inspection.