Problems with ELD’s

By July 24, 2018Blog Posts

Please keep in mind that we can not pay you for time not on your ELD.  For example, you log off at 12:15 and turn in a time card saying you worked until 12:30.  This looks like we are paying you for time you are not logging.  We (you, and the company) can both get into trouble for this.

To make sure this is clean and tidy, please adhere to the following:  The company pays you for 1/4 hour before your scheduled “out” time.  Yes, we do keep a record of this.  So, if you are scheduled to leave at 3:00am, log into ELD at 2:45, not earlier.  Your ELD shows when you get back to the yard.  The company pays you to the closest 1/4 hour.  So, for example, if you get to the yard at 3:20 and fuel at 3:23, we pay you until 3:30.  Mark 3:30 as your ending time.  However, if you get here at 3:12 and fuel at 3:17, the closest 1/4 hour is 3:15.  So mark 3:15 as your end time.  It will all average out in the end.