Proper Pre-trip inspection

By August 3, 2022Blog Posts

Just a reminder, engine fluid levels should be checked daily at the beginning of your shift during your pre-trip inspection. this is also a good time to check your power steering fluid level, your windshield washer fluid level along with a visual inspection of hoses and belts. When inspecting your hoses, look for a hose that is swelled or bulging. If you have started using a small amount of coolant, it is a good time to look for a cold-water leak, around the end of a hose or hose clamp. A cold-water leak is a leak that only happens when the engine is cold and as the temperature comes up, the leak stops and the coolant evaporates. During a pre-trip inspection is also a good time to check your spare oil and coolant supplies. When adding oil, wait until your engine needs a full gallon rather than adding 1 or 2 quarts at a time. Typically truck engines have a capacity of 10-11 gallons, along with a cooling system capacity of 12-13 gallons. All trucks should carry an extra gallon of oil along with an extra gallon of coolant. If you need a container of oil or coolant, or if you need your container refilled, please write it up and t urn into the shop.