Proud And it Shows

By October 21, 2019Blog Posts

This morning, after a week in Washington DC talking to politicians, coming back to work. I was missing my job, our company and playing with trucks.

I pulled up to a stop light and there were two log trucks at it. One was a filthy truck belonging to one of our competitors. (blue and yellow) It was a Monday morning and it was horribly muddy and not impressive at all.

The truck beside it was a beautiful White, brown and orange F V Martin Trucking truck. It was shinny and well kept.

I was so proud you can’t believe it.

As a reminder, if you are parking your truck in Murphy, OR, please see Joe or the shop about scheduling a wash and/or maintenance.

Thanks to you all who drive, wash and keep running, the nicest looking fleet in southern Oregon. I hope you all are proud as well.