PTO revision

By February 14, 2019Blog Posts

Earlier this week, we posted on PTO requirements to apply to paychecks. This blog is to revise the previous, but also better explain the PTO/truck parked paid time. PTO is for personal time off, typically used for sick days or personal time off.  These specific days will automatically be pulled from your accrued PTO time and paid to you. Truck parked/lack of work is slightly different. We give you as an employee the option to be paid for your time off on days where you are not working due to lack of work by the company if you have time accrued to take from. We can not take from it unless you request, and we will not assume you want to use it every time you are not working due to lack of work. If you do use the hours from truck being parked, it does take from time saved up for a vacation. There is a potential of no hours available for a vacation if you take all of your time from truck parked. We try our hardest to keep you running so that there are very minimal days with truck parked/lack of work.