Rain in the forecast.

By March 5, 2024Blog Posts

It appears the drought in the area might be over. I know you are all professionals. But please keep in mind the idiot’s you guys drive around are not.

Please take extra time to keep lights wiped off, as always, run with your lights on. Pay close attention to who and what are around you.

This morning coming to work the expressway was mostly standing water. The groves were tossing everyone around so you can imagine what your truck will do to those around you.


As a foot note to my blog, I’d like to add it has been reported that several trucks have been parked with brakes out of adjustment.

I am guessing because it is so wet, no one want to crawl around under a truck. If this is the case, you need to ask the shop if you can use a bay before your shift and adjust them inside. Remember the schedule is important to keep. So, get here early if you need the time to adjust your brakes.