By January 23, 2019Blog Posts

As professional truck drivers, you are aware that you have to watch out for the other guy, because they are not watching out for you.

This is particularly true when you are about to negotiate a RIGHT HAND TURN.

Chances are high that regular drivers only see the opening on your right and think they can squeeze by you.  They don’t see your turn signal, or even think you’re going to make a right turn; why would they- they see you taking up part of the left lane and the turn lane, without realizing you need that room to make the turn without running over the curb, or anything else!

Even though you can’t fix stupid, YOU CAN be constantly watching out for them. Plan ahead. Know that at any time someone is going to try and take advantage of the little bit of space you are creating, and put you and themselves in a compromising situation that can result in significant damage, or injury.

Consider approaching your destination from a different direction that takes out the element of surprise on your right side. It is often better to face traffic and make a Left Turn while watching what is coming towards you, rather than trying to see in your mirror who is coming up on your right, from behind you.

Please remember YOU ARE THE PROfessional driver. Your reputation, career, and peace of mind are at stake. Drive accordingly!!