By June 27, 2019Blog Posts

Today that is Construction reports. We have multiple high imapct construction projects across Southern Oregon and Northern California today.

I 5 is seeing work being done on the Dunsmuir Grade between Mt. Shasta City and Dunsmuir. Delays of 15 minutes can be expected.

Highway 62 east of Shady Cove is seeing a major chip sealing project. Work will continue there through this next week. This was supposed to be done last summer, but the Miles Fire prevented that work from being done. Expect up to 20 minute delays there.

From today through the end of September, the Collier Tunnel Rest Area on Highway 199 will be closed for construction. This is the only rest area on Highway 199 between Grants Pass and Crescent City, There alternate restroom facilities at businesses and also at campgrounds along Highway 199.

For the complete road reports and all information, click the link in blue below.