Roundabout on 140, be cautious

By August 27, 2020Blog Posts

Caution – watch for these situations:
• Pedestrians may be crossing the approaches and exits. Yield to pedestrians.
o Blind and visually impaired pedestrians may not see you.
o Disabled pedestrians and those in wheelchairs may be moving slowly
• Watch traffic crossing in front of you on the roundabout, especially exiting vehicles.
• Traffic may be straddling lanes or positioned incorrectly to exit
• Motorcycles are small and fast – watch for them.
• Bicyclists and horse riders might stay in the right lane and signal left if they intend to
continue round the roundabout. Let them do so.
• Trucks and large vehicles may need to straddle lane lines or use a truck apron next to the
central island. Do not pass trucks in the roundabout.
• If emergency vehicles approach, take your desired exit and then pull over as far to the right
as possible.