Rumor Mill

By November 22, 2022November 28th, 2022Blog Posts

We seem to have a big mouth talking stuff they know nothing about. Perhaps before you run off at the mouth you should check facts.
Someone has told a logger, (No one asked me.)
They told a customer Joe and I have a problem and he never got a retirement party. This is simply an outright lie.
First off Floyd never did anything for a retirement since I’ve been here.
Some folks where planning a retirement get together for Joe. I asked about it and he told me he would be out of town and I told him we would have a get together another time. We have not gotten there yet. But we will.
Since then, Joe and I have had a great talk about his time here. He thanked me for being one of the people he worked with that made him stay so long.
I then told him about the gift the company was giving him and he loved it. That gift is no one’s business but Joe’s and I. It is a nice gift because Joe was a long-term employee in a very important position.
Telling our customers lies that make them think bad of the company only hurts all of the other employees. It takes away work from them.
This company has always had an open-door policy. If you think we have miss treated someone or done something wrong. Come in and talk to me. I’ll tell you what I can. Some things are none of your business. They certainly are not our customers business.