Rumor Train/Open Door Policy

By July 16, 2021Blog Posts

There will be a lot of switch up trucks, trailers, and shift times in the near future. But, I would like to remind all of you to not follow the rumor train path. Ryan, Stew, Troy, and Joe are all very transparent and will give you some insight to what is going on in their mind if you feel you have heard a rumor not to your liking. That rumor or lie that you heard might only eat at you from the inside. Do not let your emotions get in the way because you heard some rumor from another employee, forklift driver, load operator, or another truck on the road. Rumors can be a cancer, and can make for some very unhappy employees. So, if you have something eating at your heart strings, talk to your supervisor and explain what you heard or feel. While driving the truck, you can be alone with a cancerous thought, and we certainly do not want that. Management looks out what is best for you and the company and we will treat everyone with respect and honesty.