Sadness hits close to home.

By May 25, 2021Blog Posts

As you probably heard yesterday, R. B. Browns shop burnt down. This is a sad time for the RB Browns family and the company as a whole. F V Martin Trucking Co. has reached out and offered any help we can to Jeff Browns and his family.

I want to use this unfortunate situation to bring up safety. Fires are normally started by lightening or man-made.  This one was most likely not lightening.  By man-made, I don’t mean man purposely started it.

There are many ways humans cause fires. Using a lawnmower in dry grass, throwing out a cigarette. In a business, maybe someone did not dispose of something properly. Maybe, someone missed something during a required quarterly inspection. It may not have even been a R B Browns’ employee. It could have been some vendor or passerby.

The highest percentage says someone failed to do something or did something wrong or not complete.

We all need to look at ourselves and see that we are doing our jobs correctly and timely so as this does not happen here.