Safety Items

By March 2, 2021Blog Posts

Safety items required and where they be located.

Fire extinguisher are typically mounted next to the driver seat. This is an easily accessible position and is also an easy place to inspect. Drivers should inspect daily to make sure that the charge is adequate, safety pin is in place, and that it is securely mounted or secured. All trucks should have a label on the door to assist in locating the fire extinguisher.

Triangles are usually located in either the storage box under the passenger seat, in the cubby hole behind the driver on sleeper trucks, or in the storage box behind the cab. Triangles should be stored in the plastic box they came in to help protect against breakage and to assist in locating them when needed.

As a driver, you should know the location and condition of both the fire extinguisher and the triangles as they are required. Please write up If your safety equipment needs repaired or replaced.