Safety works here.

By January 9, 2024Blog Posts

Let’s not forget that phrase.  Keep in mind, very minimal injuries or accidents happened in in 2023 and you all got a raise. Coincidence, I think not!

Any time of the year I would rather give my employee’s money rather than give it to insurance companies.

We have had a couple small claims already this year and today is the 9th day of the first month. That’s not looking good.

Keep in mind Work comp is for injuries that happen on the job. If you think you hurt yourself on the job, come tell us. We can make a note. We have seen it happen where people claim it was an on-the-job injury because they can’t afford no pay check or the doc bills. But that hurts you short term. Workers Comp claims hurt us for 5 years. Which can cost future raises.

We pay a lot of money to protect you all with Work Comp Insurance. I want everything available for every employee if they get hurt. When hurt on the job. PLEASE tell us and use the insurance to get better and take care of your family. Please do not mislead people if it was not an on-the-job injury.

In the same breath do not hide an injury for the benefit of anyone.

There are 356 days left in this year. Let’s tighten it up a little.