Sale! Free! Discounted price!

By June 16, 2022Blog Posts

I don’t care what your position is in the company, the crappy economy has hit you in one way or another and it may have hit you hard. Why not try to help each other out the easiest way we can, by sharing our savings tips/tricks/ideas/discounts.

Do you know of the cheapest gas price? Tell us and everyone you work with, we can post it in the drivers room or on this blog. Everyone wants to save on gas money.

Know of the best place to get certain “on sale” groceries/items, let us know so we can post it in the drivers room or on this blog. Maybe you know of hard to find items that someone desperately needs?

Do you have old clothing that you don’t want anymore that you planned to take to the dump or goodwill? Bring them to the drivers room and give a coworker an opportunity to save some money and get some “new to them” clothing, doesn’t matter the size or gender. De-clutter and help a friend out.

Do you know of free lunches( served at most schools this summer) for kids? Let us know, saving on food costs to feed kids this summer will help out a bunch. Kids from 1-18 count for free lunches at almost all schools in Jackson County this summer. Have more information for us to share because we would love to spread the word.

Lets try to help each other save anywhere we can. See a savings, spread the word.