Shop speed

By April 9, 2024Blog Posts

The shop has been working short handed the last few months. They have been doing their best keeping up on both rolling fleets. Running 80 trucks. A lot of them 2 shifts, is a lot of maintaining daily. Let alone all the project we keep throwing at them to make all our drivers proud to work here.

Trust me, we have been working on getting more help. I am happy to say we have two new mechanics starting in the next couple weeks.

This should help Lance and his crew catch up on things. As well as complete some project we have lined up for them.

I am excited for the growth in the shop as well as our visibility on the highway with the logo’d curtains and stickered nose cones. Our new logo’d mud flaps will be hitting the road soon.

As we make our presence known with our new shinny trucks, please do your part and represent well.