SHOP TALK 6/4/2018

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Shop talk, June 4, 2018

Submitted by Joe Fisher


Fire season has started, and if this weekend was any indication of how it is going to be, hold on. There was a fire that started Sunday on Elk Creek, and another one that started at Shastina Resort between Weed and Yreka. The conditions are ideal for a long and hot fire season.

Now is the time for log trucks to inspect your fire equipment, before the authorities check you. When inspecting check to make sure the handles on both your shovel and ax are in good shape. Look for wear, splits, cracks, etc. Also check to see if the head is secured to the handle.

All trucks should inspect the fire extinguisher is charged and make sure it is secure. All truck must have a fire extinguisher securely mounted inside the cab or storage area of the sleeper.

Exhaust systems and mufflers should be inspected for leaks or cracks.

If you drive a late model truck with exhaust after treatment, be aware of the high heat created by these units. You may want to shut off the switch controlling the regeneration cycle when traveling off highway. If you do, remember to turn it back on when you are back on pavement or gravel roads. Be aware when you pull off the road for a safety or tire check, avoid parking your truck in dry grass and weeds.