Slow it Down

By April 29, 2024Blog Posts

Speed is an important aspect of road safety. That often gets overlooked. By reducing your speed, you not only decrease the risk of accidents but also contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience. Some key points about speed:


1:  Speed limits are the law. Your driving record is nearly everything when you are a commercial truck driver. If your driving record has a major speed violations, you become nearly unhireable. Besides, the speed limits are posted to make sure someone isn’t going faster than they are able to handle. Your ability to handle your equipment when you are 80,000+ lbs becomes lower and lower the faster you go.


2: Keeping your speed at or just below the speed limit has benefits, besides keeping your driving record clean. Some of those include, better reaction time, reduced fuel consumption, calmer driving experience, and improved reaction time.


3: Some tips to reduce your speed include, planning your route ahead of time, leaving on time (or a few minute early if you don’t have a scheduled leave out time), using cruise control and practicing mindfulness.